The Czech Deception

On the heels of her most recent mission in Ireland, CIA covert agent Paige Fleming is ordered to rescue one of her assets: Gregori Kovač, the premier moneyman for every organized crime outfit in Eastern Europe. Grey knows Paige as Alexandra Pruest an expert thief masquerading as a bored aristo-brat. She’ll have to burn that identity and her friendship with Grey in order to save him from the Russian gangster who has ordered his death.

Paige arrives in Prague and finds the situation more complex than she anticipated. Grey is angry, hurt and confused by the years of deception at a time when she needs him to trust her most. And he's refusing to leave the Czech Republic without Leyla Petrovsky – his latest paramour and the long-time mistress of the gangster who wants Grey dead.

Grudgingly embroiled in a sexually provocative and psychologically tense drama, Paige must discern whom she can trust – or die trying.

Available exclusively at Amazon, this erotic spy thriller set on the streets and rooftops of Prague is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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