Monday, October 2, 2017

A Love Letter #ALoveRestrained

My husband and I dated in high school; and I broke his heart. He found me some sixteen-seventeen years later and we’ve barely been apart a day in the eight years since. When he discovered, fairly early, that I was a writer, he’s always been insanely supportive, he began bugging me to write our story.

I explained, time and again, that I don’t 1) write non-fiction; and 2) no one will want to read it. The legal repercussions of non-fiction would turn me off even if I had an urge to write within that genre and our happily ever after is just like everyone else’s: work hard, sleep not enough, budgeting, food shopping, laundry, and so on.

Eventually, for him, I wrote A Love Restrained. It is a complete work of fiction and in no way resembles our love story. But it takes place in our hometown, in the neighborhood where we live; with characters I intentionally drew to feel familiar. The title was inspired by the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding. It’s a love letter to the man who never gave up.

I was over the moon when Tirgearr Publishing offered me a contract on the book. But when I got my release date – October 4th – I knew fate had lent a hand. You see, October 4, 2017, is our 3rd wedding anniversary. And though I didn’t dedicate the book to my husband, he’ll know always it was written for him.

You think that means I can skip getting him a present this year? 

A Love Restrained releases in just two days but you can order it now every where quality eBooks are sold and if Kindle is your eReader of choice, it's specially priced there for 99¢ but only until October 8th. 

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  1. Well, you just made my heart melt! What a sweet story!

    1. Thank you! <3 I think it's a good day for stories that make the heart happy.