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In the Writer's Den with NANCY WEEKS

It’s been a while since I’ve had anyone in the Writer’s Den and can’t think of a better person to break the fast with than Nancy C. Weeks. If you remember, loyal readers, I’ve had the honor and privilege of reading and reviewing all of Nancy’s Shadow series in the past. And she’s here today to tell us a little bit about herself and some about the first in her new series, The Eyewitness.

I’m going to boast a little and say I got an advanced preview of the first few chapters before the staff at Crimson Romance did which only served to whet my appetite for this book. And when I got the full review copy I did a naked happy dance. Only kidding. I wasn’t naked. But I did dance and then I inhaled the book in one sitting. There’s a lot of information in today’s post so I’m going to wait a week, maybe two, before posting my review. But in a nutshell ~ LOVED IT!

And turning the spotlight on Nancy - what is your favorite word?

Love! I write romance because I believe in love and happy-ever-after.

What is your least favorite word?

Hate. No explanation needed.

What turns you on?

My sweet hubby. He is the most honest, considerate, caring man I’ve ever known, and I’ve trusted my heart to him for the last thirty-six years.

What turns you off?

Prejudice—Discrimination—Narrow-mindedness—Liars—Abuse—especially child abuse. There better be a special hell for those that hurt children.

What sound or noise do you love?

You will laugh, but I love the sound of birds chirping. They may be arguing up a storm in bird chat, but I find the sound so peaceful.

What sound or noise do you hate?

I never thought about this before. The first thing that came to mind was traffic noise. In this area, its endless.

What is your favorite curse word?

LOL! It’s more of a phrase than a single word. I’m too chicken to write outright, but I’ll give you a clue. F–a-Duck. If anyone can tell me which book I used that phrase, I’ll send you that book, autographed. My hilarious editor told me she spent 45 minutes researching that phrase and came up blank. I made it up.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

This is a hard one. The older I become, the more interested I am in so many different things. I would love to feel like I was smart enough to be a cyber security analyst. I would also love to be a forensic scientist. But I think the one thing that I miss not becoming most in my life is a teacher.

What profession would you not like to do?

Garbage woman. I have so much respect for the many men and women who pick up my trash. I have this thing about smells.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Super easy question.  “Nancy, you are a good person.”

Thanks, sweets! Nancy is not only one of my favorite writers, she’s one of my favorite people. Get to know her and her books - you won’t regret it.

Nancy has loved happy-ever-after romances since her early teens. While still in college, she met and married her hero. She spent the next several years honeymooning and working overseas. Today, she lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she enjoys spending her days writing suspenseful happily-ever-after adventures outside on the deck as the local bird population keeps her company. When she is not writing, Nancy loves to blog about fascinating people, both real and fictional. The one quote that kept her dream alive:

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison~

You can find Nancy at:

Read on for more information on The Eyewitness

Fans of TV’s Blue Bloods will love this dynamic new suspense series.

Maryland PD forensic scientist Emersyn D’Azzo has an explosive past with her father’s younger, sexy partner, Detective Alec Pearce. Then an ill-timed kiss destroys the thin line of trust between her and her dad, just before tragedy strikes and someone guns down her father.

The fatal bullet turns out to be tied to the ongoing spree of random sniper kills across the state, but Emersyn knows this wasn’t a random act of violence and is determined to find the killer.

To do so, she’ll need to rely on help from Alec, whom she doesn’t quite trust but just can’t resist. When they discover a connection to a decades-old disappearance of a college student, their investigation takes a deadly twist. Can they learn to trust each other with their hearts to save their lives? 

You can find The Eyewitness at Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Excerpt for The Eyewitness:

Ted edged in closer. “You can take a few moments for one dance.” He eyed Tessa. “You don’t mind if I borrow your sister, do you?”
“But I do.”
The deep, masculine voice sent an arousing jolt right into Emersyn’s core. And damn it to hell, her mouth went dry, making it impossible to swallow. She fingered her straw then took a deep drink. This time she welcomed the burning chill against her lungs. Detective Alec Pearce had a knack for showing up at her worst moments. Why the hell was he here?
Ted moved away from her as if he’d been burned. “Alec, good to see you.”
“You do know you’re hitting on my partner’s daughter, right, Ted?”
“Just asking her for a dance.”
Emersyn glanced between the two; she actually preferred Ted’s company to the man who seemed to go out of his way to make her crazy.
Alec reached for her hand and set it in his palm. “Actually, she promised this dance to me. They’re playing our song.”
The muscles in her body tensed as her fingernails dug into his skin. “I don’t—”
“Music is on, Em. Shall we?” His other hand went around her waist, and he gave her a swift yank.
“Jerkball, let go,” she hissed in his ear.
His grip tightened. “It’s just one dance. Play nice.”
Alec escorted Emersyn to the small dance floor near the bandstand. Every instinct in her wanted to slap his arrogant expression right into next week, but that would make a scene. It was what half the bar expected the instant he got within striking distance. They were all waiting for her to let loose. But this was a new day, a new diploma, new job, new Emersyn. Emotions in check.
“My name is Emersyn. I would think you would remember something so simple.”
Alec’s face lit with a grin as his arms brought her close and their bodies began to move to the music. She shot a glare at Tessa, pleading for her to do something. Instead, her sister, the traitor, took another sip of Emersyn’s drink, lifted it in a toast, and rotated in her seat.
A chuckle came from deep in Alec’s throat. “Tessa likes me. You can thank me now.”
“I can also knee you where the sun doesn’t shine.”
He lifted her chin with his thumb. “Now that wasn’t nice. I sacrificed a night with that blonde”—he nodded to a beautiful woman sitting at the end of the bar—“just to keep Lecher Ted from hitting on you … again.”
“What makes you think I needed rescuing?”
“Oh please, Tessa, make the creep go away. I’m ever so sweet and don’t want to hurt the poor jerk’s feelings.”
She yanked out of Alec’s hold, but he was ready and moved her back into his arms without missing a beat.
“Relax. I’m teasing.”
“You are such an ass.”
His lips brushed over her ear. “Enjoy our moment, Em.”
Impossible. They had more layers of misunderstanding between them than her mother’s chocolate cake, heated words that couldn’t be unheard and arguments with no closure.
After her father had mentioned at dinner that Alec was joining them for dessert, she’d jumped at Tessa’s offer to buy her a drink at the tavern. It was the perfect place to hide out. A lone wolf like Alec wouldn’t be caught dead in the crowded, noisy bar. But here he was. She’d run but not far enough.
“I’m sorry I missed your graduation ceremony, but I have a little something for you,” he whispered.
“You didn’t need to do that.”
“I’m proud of you.”
The words sounded so genuine. “Dad seems resigned to the idea of me at least working alongside cops, if not as a cop.”
“Joe doesn’t want you anywhere near the job. But you found a way around that. Instead of crawling in the gutter looking for the worst mankind has to offer, you’re picking through what they left behind.”
She halted in the middle of the dance floor. “You think that’s why I became a forensic scientist?”
“I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Then what did you mean?”
The music stopped, and they stood still, glaring at each other. Our thing. “I can’t do this tonight,” she said, dropping her hand to her sides. “Thanks.”
“Saving me from another go-around with Ted.”
“Do you want me to talk to him?”
“I can take care of myself.”
For once, there was no comeback. Instead, he eased her against him and tucked her hand over his heart. “Dance with me, Emersyn.”
That sexy, got-to-have-you-now voice was back, and her other four senses came out to play. Being close to Alec Pearce, taking in his spicy, clean soap scent, feeling the strength of his arms around her wasn’t an awful feeling. Confusing? Hell yes, but her body sure enjoyed it. It’s just a dance, right?
She lowered one hand to his hip and brought the other around his neck, her cheek resting against his. Alec tightened his grip around her waist as he spun them around the dance floor. The move put their bodies in sync, and there was no mistaking the effect she had on him. Her lips brushed against his skin, sending shock waves through her.
He sucked in a breath and tilted his head. Their gazes held for what seemed like an eternity. He was so damn gorgeous, his deep brown eyes with a hint of gold, lush lashes, and a dusting of five-o’clock shadow on his square jaw that she ached to feel rubbed against all her soft places. As if he read her mind, his mouth caressed her bottom lip. He waited, expecting her to pull back. Need took over, and she lost her mind.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Erotic Romance (Western)
Bound and determined to break free of a small town, Mia isn't about to let a little thing like a bondage club or a cocky cowboy stand in her way. Not when it means unearthing the truth. Undercover, she enters an elite world defined by sex, subs, and power. What can happen? It's just for a night...

Out of necessity, Brandon guards his privacy. Tall, dark, and frowning--he gives Mia a run for her money when she almost blows her cover. He's one hot piece with a very dominating streak. Think hair pulling, panty-dropping! He's gorgeous, built, and makes her want things. Dirty, dark, and not part of Mia's plan.

Brandon is down for the chase, and catches the dark-eyed beauty in a lie. The little researcher needs to be taught a lesson. Pretty with curves galore, yet it's her smart-mouth that forces his hand. If Mia wants to learn about his club, he'll teach her every dirty detail of what it means to surrender. To him.

Their raw chemistry is undeniable. Mia is more than a tantalizing and temporary diversion. She becomes the woman he can't let go.

As Brandon and Mia explore falling in love, they reveal their darkest secrets. From the shadows, a stalker with a taste for revenge is just waiting for an opportunity to strike. 


No Games

“What is this place?” Mia asked. “One of the private rooms?”

“You might say that.” Brandon turned the pad to her. “There. That should cover it.”

Grabbing hold of the pad, she knitted her brows as she read. Agreement Contract. Rule #1: What Brandon McLemore deems appropriate stands and Mia Santero will follow. There were two signature lines below it. She snapped her gaze to Brandon’s and practically screeched, “Wait. Are you nuts?”

“Not in the least,” he drawled, gifting her with customary penetrating stare. “That rule covers everything that will go on between us.”

Mia felt the blood thud in her temples. Unable to hold her tongue, she scoffed, “That rule isn’t a rule. It’s a diktat! How am I supposed to abide by a command that gives you complete freedom and authority to do as you see fit? You’ll have all the power. Over me.”

“Little researcher, you asked if I’m good,” Brandon began, incrementally closing the distance between them. The power he exuded stole the thoughts right from her brain. His gaze dipped to her mouth, then rebounded to her eyes. “Darlin’, I’m not good. I’m a machine. I like it rough, raw, and I don’t hold back. I’ll make it my job to know what you want, but more importantly, what you need. There’s a huge difference, and that’s what distinguishes who commands and who pretends. I don’t pretend.”

“But…” She swallowed, believing every word he’d said. “You’d have to pretend with me.”

He reached out and cupped her chin in his warm hand. “No, I won’t. That’s not what you need for this project or otherwise.”

“Then what will you do?” Her body hummed from the heat in his eyes. “I need to be certain I know what to expect.”

“That’s fair,” he murmured. “We can both get what we want. You want privacy and so do I. Out there. But when we’re alone, there won’t be any games between us.”


Susan’s sweet-n-sexy stories ignite a reader’s imagination. Her style of red-hot romance stars dirty talkin’ alpha heroes and feisty quirky women. Over several series, she crafts heartwarming fiction, filled with realistic details, and developed multicultural characters that are relatable to readers worldwide. So much, her books are international bestsellers.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Susan is married to an incredible man who puts up with a fly-by-the-seat zany wife. And why not? They write in partnership and live near Nashville. Besides writing, they’re involved in environmental engineering, have three daughters, and lots of pets. Giving back to the community is a big part of their writing and publishing, and includes funding a student robotics program, giving to We Need Diverse Books, and supporting Semper Fi to assist Marines.

These bestselling sexy cowboy romances, the Bad Boys series will continue to grow with more releases. To stay abreast of Bad Boys’ steamy romance happenings, stay in touch via Susan’s RED-HOT ROMANCE newsletter. Sign up for freebies, releases, and sexy cowboy news!

Catch Susan Arden:

Twitter: @susanardenauthor



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Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology

by Caitlyn Lynch + 17 others

Red Hots is a steamy collection of Valentine's Day themed stories by 18 new and established romantic erotica authors. From a lonely lighthouse keeper's strange encounter with a ghostly sea captain to a husband surprising his wife with a sexy game; from an alien discovering just what Valentine's Day means to her human lover to a store owner receiving an unexpected Gift With Purchase that makes her best friend look at her VERY differently, there is something here for everyone who loves the Valentine tradition!


From Unexpected by Annika Steele:

Soaked to the skin, she worked her way to the door and knocked on it--half in desperation, half in relief. When the door opened, Maya was not expecting a sturdy hunk with broad shoulders that stretched the button-down shirt he wore. The rolled up sleeves revealed rope-veined forearms with dark hair curling over them that she had a sudden need to touch. Maya had to blink a few times to make sure the vision in front of her didn’t disappear. Sue her, she had a thing for shoulders. Though, really, the dark eyes and smooth-shaven jaw had their own appeal. And--for a bonus--he was nearly eye-to-eye to her five foot seven. Maya had a thing for guys her own height, a fact she’d forgotten in Charlie’s shadow. Everything from holding hands, to walking with the same stride, to snuggling was easier--things just sort of fit. “Ma’am?” the vision rumbled, a deep voice that warmed her all the way to her toes. “You okay?”

Berating herself for getting distracted, Maya had to coax her brain into connecting with her mouth again. “Ah… car.” She thumbed over her shoulder. “Blew tire. Ditch. Water.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Annika Steele began writing at the age of 8, but abandoned her stories in college. A ridiculous number of years later, she stumbled across fanfic, put fingers to keyboard, and hasn’t stopped writing since.  You can follow her on Tumblr at or on Facebook at

Margot Wren has been writing ever since she realized that's how stories get made. In between projects she contemplates the universe, yields to the demands of her two cats, and bakes more cookies than she can eat.

You can find Margot on Tumblr at  

Caitlyn Lynch is an Australian erotica author and happily married mother of two. She has a number of published works available on Amazon.

You can also find her at, or on her social media accounts.



Ariel Bishop is an American erotica author who feels strongly that all love triangles are best resolved through healthy polyamory.

You can find her on Facebook at and on Tumblr at

Christina Rose Andrews is actually two friends, Lark and Rose, writing under one pen name. Lark boasts a degree in "Do you want fries with that?" and is a proud parent of two dogs and one cat. Rose considered becoming a cult leader before deciding it was too much effort. In her spare time, Rose likes watering her plant and plotting to take over the world.

You can find them on Twitter:


And Facebook:                   

Vanessa Sweet may be summoned under the cover of night with offerings of chocolate and erotica. She is mildly shocked that her submission for this anthology contains neither bondage or spanking.

She can be found on Tumblr at

Gwen Marshall lives in a full house with 2 cats, a dog, a child and a husband in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, she spends her time at the local comic book store or playing softball.

You can follow her on Tumblr at

Tally Bane lives on the west coast of the US with her husband, children and pets. A stay at home mom who spends her free time dreaming up new stories to tell her readers.

You can find her on Tumblr at or Facebook at

Barbara Be is a German woman who lives on the internet and feels half as old as she really is. She loves writing aliens and elves, and she's also a sorceress of all things computers, an engineer, a mother, a good cook and a master of procrastination.

Barbara has a Tumblr with writing advice at and a blog at

A lifelong lover of reading, writing, and dark-haired hotties, Ava Bari is a junior in college pursuing a degree in English. When not hitting the keyboard she can be found hitting up Amazon. This is her second published story.

Find out more at

Briar McKenna was told that the only secret to writing is sitting at a typewriter and bleeding, well she tried that but all that came out was glitter. Hailing from red dirt country she has half a degree in Anthropology and a dumpster worth of thoughts to share with you anyway.

You can find her on Twitter at and Tumblr at

R. A. Stone has been a lover of romance novels for most of her life. She’s dabbled in writing through the last decade and aspires to write more with the support of her daughter and their dog, Rocco.

Find her on Tumblr at

Livvy Ward was born and raised in Australia. She’s been a fan and avid reader of paranormal romances for the past twenty years and has just recently made the transition to professional writing.

You can find her works on Amazon.

You can also find Livvy on Tumblr:


and at her Website:

Annalee Locke lives in the middle of the US. While usually found working or catering to the whims of two cats, you can sometimes spot her dancing in grocery stores or staring into space, mapping out her next writing project.

Sera Taíno is a married mother of two. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers University and currently lives in the Southern United States. When she isn’t teaching middle schoolers the fine art of writing and running a creative writing club, she is at her desk, working tirelessly on her next project.

You can find her on Twitter:

Tumblr: and Facebook:

Abbigail Clark is a seventy-five-year-old woman trapped in a twenty-two-year-old body, so kindly step off the grass, dear.

In her spare time, when she isn’t writing stories, Abbigail loves to sing Strauss to her collection of bobbleheads and sew hoop skirts for her mother’s poodle, Charles.

Líadáin Douglas is an American author of erotica stories. Also an avid reader, she enjoys taking an active role in various creative communities. All creativity is art, regardless of medium.

She publishes primarily in the LGBT genre and you can find her works on Amazon.

You can also find her on Twitter:


A born-and-raised California girl, V. T. Charbonneau's favorite word growing up was "dangerous." Thirty years later she's still rocking that West Coast life along with two cats, one dog, and a husband. Dangerous remains her favorite word, but she's learned a few more in the meantime. She uses them to write steamy fiction with hot guys, smart girls, and a touch of romance.

You can find her published works on Amazon. You can also find her at:


The authors will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
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THE WALKING DEAD vs. humanity

I don’t talk about The Walking Dead often. Seriously, I don’t. Okay, yeah I probably do, too much. But it’s a more complex and thoughtful narrative than people give it credit for. And before you roll your eyes, let me set the foundation.

Back in 1997, OZ (as in the HBO drama and not as in The Incredible Wizard of) was highly praised by critics and fans alike for it’s dark but honest portrayal of the relationships formed in a man’s prison. But ultimately, if you pay attention, it’s Beecher’s story. He’s the main character around whom all other tales are told. The show begins with Beecher processing in to the Oswald Penitentiary and ends, six seasons later, with Beecher on a bus leaving the prison as it explodes. A regular guy, white collar with a wife and kids, hits and kills someone while driving drunk. And we watch, one gritty graphic episode at a time as the punishment for this crime strips him of humanity, corrupts his soul, and a monster is formed. By circumstances. How many of us – good people – are one mistake away from savagery?

Scary right?

People come on that’s the basis for TWD!!!!! We are all one mistake, one tragedy away from savagery. How much of your humanity are you willing to sacrifice to survive? To ensure the people that you love go on? It’s a character study and often an emotional one. But regardless, very well done. If you’re willing to look a little deeper. Just a little, they’re not exactly sneaky with the sub-text.  In fact, the writers are often as blunt as a baseball bat dressed in barbed-wire.

Enter Rick Grimes, our Beecher of the zombie apocalypse, who awakes from a coma after “the fall”[i] with his integrity, morality and ethics completely intact. Sadly, for Rick, the rest of the world has already shucked those non-life saving, often life-threatening, principles and we watch in agonizing detail as his are ideals are tested. And as they crumble.

The morally “right” call had dire, deadly results. The morally “wrong” choice proved as grim an outcome. For a man struggling to keep the not-so-merry band of survivors he calls family alive, he’s had to compromise time and again that which keeps him human. And eventually take on the very qualities he despises most of a dispatched villain in order to conquer the newest threat.

Don’t believe me? Remember everything we loved to hate about Shane? Remember the thread involving Rick and another man’s wife? Yep. How about the Governor? And Rick led an assault team against the Saviors unprovoked…. Oh yeah. I think I’ve proved that point; why poke at a dead horse? Ahh, remember Buttons, so sad. Your attempts to save something ultimately destroy it. Yet another not subtle analogy.

And Carol – I call her “my bitch” and that’s a compliment – she’s already figured out what Rick hasn’t… once your humanity is gone, it doesn’t come back. You have to choose, as she has, between doing ANYTHING to keep those you love alive and lose yourself in the process or walk away. She walked away. And for her that was the more difficult choice; evidence it was the right one.

Rick can’t, won’t, ever walk away. He has a woman and two children to raise. Therefore, he’ll risk turning into a monster (poor dead Abraham losing his family in just that situation) to keep their hearts beating.

And I’ll keep watching the dead walk while Rick slowly falls into a Nietzsche sized abyss.

To the fans bemoaning the first half of season 7’s slow burn: you have to build, you have to set the scene, you have to provide the details – however tiresome – necessary to tell a story that is cognizant. Otherwise, it’s Sponge Bob Square Pants i.e. make no sense at all.

[i] Yes, I’ve seen Cillian Murphy’s 28 Days Later. Yes, I recognize the similarities in basic premise. But 28DL is a 2-hour essay compared to TWD’s 7 season deep character study in the breakdown of HUMANITY.